Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello again!!

Well I am back...
A lot has happened since I last posted and I have heard about it from many. I know it has been over a year but I will do my best to catch everyone up. I am going to go in as much order as I can. So Mom, Grandma, Amber, Maegan and all the other sweet people in my life, sit back relax and enjoy!!!

We went to New Mexico for Thanksgiving 2009. We spent time with all of my dad's side of the family. They are a real creative group and we all were to bring an art project using buttons. No rules just whatever you want. Lillian's project won. She was proud...she had spent a lot of time glueing every button she could find to a pine cone she picked from outside. It was a huge blessing to spend time with such loving and Godly people. I learned how to make hats with yarn and I have made about 10 since. I wish I had more time to make a bunch. One of our cousins made over 400 last year to give away to the homeless and others. That is pretty amazing!!! I love to spend time with all the Aunts and I learn something new everytime.

My Great-Aunt Martha used to do wedding cakes. It was fun to talk to her about some techniques and recipes she used. I hope to plan a tirp (kid-free) to go learn some more. She did laugh at me for using a box cake mix...I guess I should be ashammed but hey...they are quick and tasty!!! HA

Well that takes us to Christmas time 2009. What a crazy month!!! We went to Texas to celebrate with Adams family. No, not the "Adams family" but the Cottons. (Ha..LOL) It was our second road trip with both girls. It took us 14+ hours (each way) but it was fun. They were suprisingly great. We played movies and stopped to get out a bunch. It was not as bad as we thought...with the help of the mini-van. Yes...I know you all are laughing but we do have a mini-van. I will say after the road trips over the holidays that I am not a lifer but I am not a hater of the mini-van. It was just the right amout of room for everything. We took gifts down and back and strollers and carseats and ... TONS!!! So for all of you haters out there all I can say don't mock it until you have tried it!

We are now leaving 2009 and entering into the madness of 2010!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well it is amazing how a professional photo can make me so proud of this cake. I know that may sound a little boastful but I think she did a great job capturing this cake in a way that I can not do with my camera. I guess that shows how God gives us all different talents and abilities. This is my first "on location" cake. I went to Texas for Kaitlyn's 1st birthday and did this cake for her. Amber found a picture of two different cakes she liked and we combined her favorite elements and created this design. I don't think this cake was any more challenging of a design but it was different to work in another kitchen. I will say of all people to have helping me, Amber was great. She is such a clean person that I never had to touch one dirty spoon or dish. As soon as I was done with one element it was rinsed and in the dishwasher. I am so focused that I don't normally take the time to clean up every thing as I go. Cakes are done in stages and most are time sensitive so I usually finish and then clean. We did cupcakes for extra cake and put little bugs on them...the theme of the party. Robbie told everyone that he helped make the cake and I am pretty sure that no one believed him...sooooo...I will set the record straight. Robbie did help but I will never tell which dot he placed. HA!! This was a fun cake to do and I love how the cupcake turned out on top with the number one in it. Next time I will have to make the base a few days earlier, it was getting pretty soft by the start of the party. It needed more time to set-up before I placed the moist cake in it.

Next time I do a ribbon wrap I think I will start with thinner fondant. I was not happy with how the bumps appeared from stripe to stripe. I think if the fondant was thinner it would have hidden them a little bit more. Over all I love how this cake turned out and I am thankful that I have some professional pictures to always remember it. I was so blessed to be asked to make this cake and I am pleased with the result. Thanks to Robbie and Amber and Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My best friend Amber had a baby girl almost a year ago and for her nursery I wanted to do something special. I found wrapping paper with tiny owls on it and thought they would make cute wall art. I made a copy of the ones I liked and blew them up on the computer to the size I wanted. I then cut different elements/shapes out of some scrapbook paper in her colors. Her room was Tiffany blue and red with poka-dot bedding. I placed the different sections together creating the owls and then glued them down on painted canvas. They turned out cute and I think I may use this same technique for other wall art. It is endless what you can do with a little cut paper, some glue, and some imagination.

Halloween 2009...OZ!

Halloween is getting a little harder each year. There are so many costume ideas and the girls are not of the "I want to be..." age. So it is left to Adam and I to make it as cute as can be. Plus it is fun to dress the girls in the same theme because I know one of these days they won't let us. This year was Wizard of Oz. Although neither girl has seen the movie the costumes were cute and it was a theme that had multiple characters.

The Halloween season was full of parties and celebrations. This is a few pictures from Brett's Batty Bash. Kinsey was a witch and after seeing Lillian and Keely, decided she was Glenda the good witch. It was a fun party, Lillian won best girl costume and talked about the party for the weeks following. Amy always does a great job with her parties...she has quite the reputation.

Keely the cowardly lion was not a huge fan of the hat but did not care when we drew on her face. She sat very still and looked so cute with her chubby little cheeks and bright blue eyes. It was a perfect 1st Halloween costume. She make a great lion.

Lillian or "Dor-fee" looked so cute with her painted on freckles and tiny little pig-tails. She carried a basket with Todo on it and called him "perro"...maybe a little bit too much Dora. She made a beautiful Dorothy and still wears her glitter shoes. Her "Dor-fee" shoes.

Well to finish off the theme we have Adam as the scarecrow and Austin as the tin-man. Julie and I spent many a night talking about what the kids could be and I was so pleased when it all came together. Austins outfit was just perfect, he was not a fan of his hat either but let us take a few pictures. This is a picture from Truck-or-Treat. It was freezing outside so it was moved inside and we had lots of fun. Some one gave little cars away instead of candy and it was a huge hit with Lillian and Austin. Adam's straw was falling out everywhere. The cleaning lady at church asked who was wearing a costume with hay...I just laughed.

Halloween 2009 was a success...can't wait for next year. I love Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Adam is a huge Cowboys fan. To show our love and support we all wore Cowboys gear to a fantasy football draft. Thanks to Aunt Lindsay and Aunt Kari, the girls were a huge hit in their cheerleading outfits. Although you can not see me I am sporting a Cowboys sweatshirt too. Thanksgiving is a big deal in the Cotton house, the Cowboys are just as important as the turkey. I think it is fun to be so devoted...Adam is a proud fan.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The masterpiece...

you see here is a "Kaci original". Well sort of. I did paint it but it was not my design. My friend Kylie invited a bunch of girls out for a kid free night of creativity. We all gathered in Cherry Creek North to paint "aspens". There was an instructor that took us through step by step telling us what paintbrush and colors to use.

We all started with simple dots of different colors layering them one by one. Everyone mixed there own colors and put them wherever they wanted. The instructor gave us simple guidelines turned up the music and left us to create. This was such a fun night. It was so exciting to see how different everyone paintings were. There were over 50 people in the class and no two were alike.

It was a great time and I recommend everyone taking a weekend to be creative. Does not matter if you can paint or not. Everyone walked away with a masterpiece.

Fall is here...

and I LOVE it. Fall is my favorite time of year. The pumpkins, Colorado weather, and changing trees put me in the holiday mood. We went to a little pumpkin festival this weekend, Lillian and Keely had a blast. Cousin Kinsey, Gram and Pap-Pap went with us. Daddy stayed home he was not feeling good.

Keely loved the petting zoo and the guy singing kids songs. Was not so sure about the balloon artist but jumped with excitement the rest of the time.

Lillian got her face painted, planted flowers, painted a pumpkin, ran the obstacle course and closed her eyes through the haunted cemetery. (not a fan of any dressed -up moving things)

This is Lillian's pet bird "bird". Not big on naming anything creative yet. She loved that he made it sit on her shoulder and that it was red (her favorite color this week). She held her elbow up in the air as she walked around like it was going to break if she moved. She is sooooo cute. What a blessing.

They had side walk chalk everywhere. She has been working on her shapes (big on spirals right now) and loves to draw anywhere anytime.